How does the Program work?

Simple. Over 5,000 retailers offer a referral fee for orders placed using the Kennesaw State University Alumni Association Shopping Assistant. This cashback is credited to your account and can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars or more.

Learn more by watching our 2-minute Video.


  • “I love the cashback I get for doing what I always have done: shop at my favorite stores” - T in Denver, Colorado

What kind of stores are included?

Over 5,000 stores from Target to Macy’s to Best Buy.

What is the Shopping Assistant?

The Shopping Assistant is an application that works in conjunction with your browser: IE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. The Shopping Assistant will notify you anytime you are visiting a participating site. It will even show you participating sites when you are searching from Google, Yahoo or Bing. This way, you can focus on retailers that offer you cashback. When you see the drop down message from the Shopping Assistant, accept your cashback.

  • google
  • explorer
  • safari
  • firefox